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New Federal TB & Brucellosis Rules for Reindeer

The USDA is proposing to consolidate the regulations governing bovine tuberculosis, and those governing brucellosis. As part of this consolidation, we are proposing to transition the tuberculosis and brucellosis programs away from a State classification system based in disease prevalence. Instead, States and Tribes would implement animal health plans that identify sources of the diseases within the State or Tribal lands and specify mitigations to address the risk posed by those sources. The consolidated regulations would also set forth standards for surveillance, epidemiological investigations, and affected herd management that must be incorporated into each animal health plan, with certain limited exceptions; would provide revised conditions for the interstate movement of cattle, bison, and captive cervids; and would provide revised conditions for APHIS approval of tests, testing laboratories, and testers for bovine tuberculosis or brucellosis. Finally, we are proposing to revise the bovine tuberculosis- and brucellosis-related import requirements for cattle and bison to make these requirements clearer and assure that they more effectively mitigate the risk of introduction of these diseases into the United States. Reindeer often experience problems with Tuberculosis Testing. 

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Reindeer exempted from National CWD Regulations

The CWD Rule The USDA wrote reindeer out the new CWD Rule in the summer of 2012. Below is the copy of the text from  page 21 of 31 of the Federal Register CWD Regulations  that confirms that the USDA consider reindeer as non-susceptible species.

Some commenters asked questions
regarding participation in the program.
One requested that all nonsusceptible
species be permitted to participate in
the CWD Herd Certification Program on
a voluntary basis, as movement
restrictions imposed by States have had
economic impacts on industry. If this
change was made, the commenter asked
that visible identification not be
required for reindeer used for exhibition
purposes. Another asked why reindeer
are not included in the indemnity
provisions in part 55.
We did not provide for the
participation of species not known to be
susceptible to CWD in the CWD Herd
Certification Program because their
interstate movement does not pose a
risk of spreading CWD.

Individual states have been working since that time to re-write their own CWD rules to comply with the Federal Program. You will need to deal with your state and any other state you do business in to see what will be required for reindeer with regard to CWD. Their deadline was March 31st but that has been extended until April 31st. A few states have been approved for the new program and several are under a temporary approval pending revisions. These final approvals could take an additional few months.
With many states adopting the new federal rule and re-writing their own state CWD rules there may be conflicts for reindeer.

As advised before check with the states you do business with because reindeer are not in the federal program and states can do as they wish with regard to reindeer. As example I know of at least one state that did not have a requirement about CWD for reindeer to enter the state until they rewrote their regulations to comply with the federal CWD rule. Their new regulations now include reindeer for interstate movement while the Federal CWD rule does not. I suspect many states will do similar things, many are still in process. Some states will not be signing onto the new CWD rule and handle reindeer as they see fit. At this time and into the future you will still need to check with the individual states. The feds will not be requiring reindeer to be certified for interstate movement at this time but individual states still can.

Here are several links with information on the new CWD regulations

The Federal Register:  (This is the law in this country all others are just interapations)

USDA Program Guidelines:

List of the status of states that have applied to be on the federal CWD program:

With reindeer not included in the new Federal Program it is difficult to tell if this will be a blessing or a curse for the reindeer owners in this country.




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